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Homestead’s Commitment

Homestead Roofing is a family-owned & operated business. Our family has been in Colorado Springs since 1880. Very few roofing contractors here can make that claim.


Roof Evaluation Process

Our inspections are not like every other “free” roof inspection out there. Homestead Roofing will give you a Free Roof Evaluation that includes a video inspection of the roof so you can see what we’re seeing


Shingle Products

As a roofing contractor in Colorado Springs, we can install shingle products from a number of different manufacturers such as CertainTeed, Tamko, Owens-Corning, and GAF. To make the decision process easier for our clients, for standard installations we have settled …


How Do You Find A Great Roofer In Colorado Springs?

There are a lot of good roofing contractors in Colorado Springs and El Paso County.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad ones, too.

If you’re thinking about having roof repairs or a whole roof replacement done, have a roofing contractor check your roof first. There have been hailstorms in El Paso County recently, and so there a lot of door-to-door roofers out there approaching homeowners. Some of these door-to-door companies are from out of town.

Be sure to read our FREE report, mentioned below, about how to avoid the biggest mistake most homeowners make after a hailstorm. (HINT: Letting an out-of-town door-to-door roofer inspect your roof is a BIG mistake!)

Homestead Roofing, Inc. will give you much more than a “Free Roof Inspection” like all the door-to-door roofing solicitors. We’ll give you a complete Roof Evaluation and Report that you can keep in your files for insurance purposes. You can see a list of everything you get from our Roof Evaluation below in the section, “Do You Need To Have Your Roof Checked?”

Plus, More Free Information To Help Homeowners:

Whether or not you choose to call us, we want to give you tons of information that will help you choose a great roofer that you can trust and who will do a great job whether you need a small repair on your roof or an entire replacement.

We have 2 Free Reports which you can read or download, that should help you find the roofer for you.

Free Report #1 – The Five Things Everyone In Colorado Springs Should Look For In A Roofer BEFORE You Hire One


Free Report #2 – How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Most Homeowners Make After A Hailstorm

Both of these reports are crucial to read if you own a home in Colorado Springs or El Paso County. To read either of the Free Reports, just click one of the links below, and you’ll get instant access to them.

Be sure to read one or both of them before you call your insurance company and file a claim for roof damage and before you sign any papers with a roofing contractor!

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