After working in the roofing industry for almost 2 years in El Paso county, owner Tracy Bookman started Homestead Roofing, Inc.

Homestead Roofing was begun with some fundamental philosophies about what a roofing contractor business should look like. These are:

  1. A Money-Back Guarantee!
    That’s right.
    If you’re not thrilled with the experience and the roof we’ve given you, we ask that you allow us to work with you as much as possible to make everything right for you. If, within 90 days, we still haven’t thrilled you, we’ll return all the money you, as the homeowner, have invested in your roof.No questions asked.
  2. No Money Up-front!
    Most roofers will ask you for a deposit up-front. Normally this is your first insurance check (your insurance company will usually send you 2 checks).After all the stories I’ve heard about homeowners giving over their deposit checks and then never hearing from the roofer again, I decided that I would remove that risk, too.We won’t ask you for a deposit check until we have stocked the roofing materials on your roof.
  3. A Free Inspection – ON STEROIDS!
    Every roofer will give you a free inspection. That’s not very unique or even very helpful some of the time.Homestead Roofing will give you a Free Roof Evaluation that includes a video inspection of the roof so you can see exactly what I’m seeing, and we do this at no cost to you! Upon request, we can also provide a scale drawing of your roof and a pitch (angle) report.
  4. Complete protection of your property
    We’ll cover the landscaping by your house as much as possible. We’ll also cover your driveway to protect against leaky motors, and we’ll cover your garage door with tarps or plywood to prevent roof debris that is intended to go into the trailer from falling against your garage door.
  5. We’re Colorado Springs natives!
    Many of the roofing contractors in Colorado Springs have only been here since about 2008. They’ve come here because this area has recently had a lot of storm activity and there’s a lot of insurance claim money following the damage from wind and hail.Oftentimes, these contractors are here for just one season, and then when things slow down, they leave town. Some of them hang around for a few more years to get as much as they can.Homestead Roofing, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business. I’ve grown up here, gone to school here, established business relationships, and I don’t ever intend to leave town. Read about who we are and our history in Colorado Springs since 1880!
  6. Homestead Roofing has a rock-solid reputation in Colorado Springs.
    Not only do we have tons of testimonials posted on our website, with the real names of our real customers, but we have an A+ rating with the BBB and we received the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service award.

It would be an honor to serve you and your family if you have a roofing need.

Please call me at 719-433-6991, or contact me to schedule a Free Roof Evaluation, or to simply talk about your roof.

I’d love to help.