Hang On To Your Deposit Money!

Here’s a story about a real person in the Colorado Springs area who lost a lot of money to a bad roofing company. Unfortunately, his is not an isolated incident. These kinds of things happen all too often.

His name is Charles. He was approached by a roofer about the need to replace his roof. The roof really did need to be replaced, and his insurance company issued him the first of two checks to pay for the project.

As many roofing companies do, this one told Charles that they needed the first insurance check signed over to them before they would start the job. So, Charles signed the check and gave it to the roofer. (more…)

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More and more local insurance agents are wisely giving their clients advice to not sign any paperwork presented by a door-to-door roofer. Often, a roofing solicitor will ask a homeowner if he wants his roof inspected for free. When the homeowner agrees, the solicitor will present him with a paper and ask him to sign it. The homeowner, assuming that this is a consent form giving permission for the “roofer” to get on the roof, is actually signing the roofer’s contract, in essence binding the homeowner to using that roofer if the insurance company ends up agreeing to replace or repair the roof.

In many cases, the homeowner is then seemingly stuck using a roofing contractor that he may not want to use.

Here’s what happened to one family we know.

A stay-at-home, homeschooling mom was approached by a door-to-door roofing solicitor who asked if he could inspect her roof for free. Her husband was not at home at the time, and she told the roofer he could inspect the roof. The roofer flashed a piece of paper, and asked her to sign it, which she did. (more…)

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