Selling A House With T-Lock Shingles

In this post we’re going to discuss some of the complications could be for a homeowner who is trying to sell a home that has T-lock shingles on the roof.

T-lock shingles (seen in the video) have been obsolete for about 10 years now, so it’s very difficult to just do a repair if you have some missing or damaged shingles.

This creates a potential problem for the buyers of your home because they may not be able to get adequate insurance, or any insurance at all if there are repair issues with the shingles.

Almost all major insurance companies have new policies that are more restrictive for T-lock shingles, which translates into the homeowner carrying much more liability for the cost of repairs or replacements, than for other shingle types. (more…)

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Recently an insurance agent I know called me and told me about a client of his. The client is a single lady who lives in a house with T-Lock shingles. T-lock shingles, in case you didn’t know, were phased out several years ago, therefore, you can’t buy them any more. The consequence of that is that insurance companies don’t look for a lot of damage on them in order to replace them.

Naturally, then, T-Lock roofs are an easy target for roofers. From 2008 to 2012, all it took was 1 or 2 hail or wind damaged shingles to get a roof replaced. Roofers knew this was a quick, easy sale so they targeted homeowners with T-Lock roofs.

The really dark side of this is that many of the “storm-chasing” roofers will tell a homeowner that there’s hail damage on the roof even before inspecting it – leading the owner to believe that the hail damage could be seen from the street. Many roofers would coerce a homeowner into allowing him to do an inspection, expecting to find damage since we’ve had some major storms here lately. (more…)

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