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Tanner Johnson

Homestead Roofing

Title: Project & Client Experience Manager

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Tanner Johnson from Homestead Roofing

Tanner Johnson is a Project and Client Experience Manager for Homestead Roofing, however, one thing that stands out about Tanner is his family history in the area. Tanner's family homesteaded east of Colorado Springs beginning around 1880. In fact, if you're familiar with eastern El Paso county at all, you may have seen JD Johnson Rd., about 20 miles due east of Colorado Springs, and about 10 miles east of Falcon. JD Johnson was Tanner's great-grandfather. Judging from where Tanner grew up, it should come as no surprise that his whole family is a ranching and rodeo'ing bunch, with many of them professional rodeo riders.

How did Tanner come to work for Homestead Roofing? A mutual friend told me that a new salesman had started working for a different roofing company, and that she thought he was a very impressive young man. This happened to be Tanner. She told me enough about him that I became interested in having him work for Homestead Roofing, but I didn't want to pursue hiring Tanner away from the other company he worked for. Fortunately, though, my chiropractor was in a business referral group with Tanner and in February, 2015, told me that Tanner left the other roofing company. It was at that time that I had the liberty to begin trying to interest him in coming to work for me.

I got his phone number from another mutual acquaintance and gave him a call, but to my complete dismay, he had decided to start his own roofing company! Well, I didn't give up. I kept his phone number, and in mid-April, 2015, sent him a text asking how he was doing. One thing led to another and a few days later I had a chance to meet and interview him. He began working for Homestead very soon after that meeting.

Thrown Into The Fire (So To Speak)

Only about 3 weeks after Tanner started working for Homestead, I went on a week-long vacation to Washington, and our other project manager, Steve, headed to a conference in Ohio. Tanner was here all by himself to run things when 3 days of hailstorms hit the area on May 7-9! He had to handle all the calls and do all the inspections but managed to make it through. It was his baptism by fire! He's been a great asset to Homestead Roofing ever since. To give you an idea of how much of an asset Tanner is to Homestead Roofing, here's a recent comment from one of our clients.


I simply cannot say enough about the quality of work completed by Homestead Roofing. From the beginning Tanner Johnson was professional, courteous, and personable. He followed through every step of the way, staying in contact with updates on a regular basis. He was awesome! My sincere thanks to Tanner... and the entire crew for a job well done! And thanks to Homestead Roofing for all the company’s assistance as well.”

Sharon Steckler,

Colorado Springs


Just like with all our team members, from the project managers to the office staff, to the crews, we firmly believe you'll love working with Tanner and appreciate the care he puts into everything he does for our customers.

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