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Beth Bookman

Homestead Roofing

Title: Bookkeeper

Beth Bookman from Homestead Roofing

Beth is the wife of Homestead Roofing's owner, Tracy Bookman, and the mother of all 6 of their children. For the last few years she has also done triple duty as Homestead Roofing's bookkeeper and is on the Board of Directors of the corporation. It's been triple duty because she not only cares for and manages their home, but she has homeschooled all of their kids for the last 20+ years, and she also handles the paying of all of the bills that come into the family business and keeps all the books in order, working closely with their accountant to make sure Homestead Roofing is in a strong and financially stable position. Her work allows Tracy to leave all this administrative stuff to her so he doesn't have to think about it at all (except when he's in trouble because he hasn't been turning in his receipts like he should be).


How she accomplishes everything she does is a mystery. She is happily a stay-at-home mom and finds great joy in investing in the lives of her children. Currently, they have only 2 left in school so her school work-load is greatly decreased from what it was at the peak when there was 5 in school at the same time. The older ones who have already graduated were homeschooled through all grade levels. Their oldest son is in the Navy. Their 2nd son is a certified flight instructor. Their 3rd son is a math major in college, and son #4 is an electrician's apprentice in Denver. Somehow she manages to provide an excellent education for their kids, keep the home in order, keep everyone in the home fed and with clean clothes, AND keep Homestead Roofing running smoothly on the financial side. In any given month during peak roofing season, we have dozens of invoices and bills running through our business and hundreds of thousands of dollars moving in and out and she handles the management of all it expertly. Beth is one more reason for the prosperous blessings we enjoy here at Homestead Roofing.

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