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Tracy Bookman

Homestead Roofing

Title: Owner, General Manager

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Tracy Bookman from Homestead Roofing

Homestead Roofing started on March 6, 2013. Tracy Bookman, the owner (that's me!), had previously worked for a different roofing company, but with the encouragement of a local realtor and the owner of a competing roofing company, he started Homestead Roofing.

My paternal grandmother's side of the family arrived in Colorado Springs in 1880 from Salt Lake City, where my great-great-grandfather, Michael Stockdale, was an indentured servant for the Mormons and was a construction worker on the Mormon Tabernacle. My dad still has the wooden mallet Michael used to hammer wooden pegs on the Tabernacle, as they didn't use hammers and nails in its construction. 

Upon arriving in Colorado Springs, my great-great-grandfather built a house just west of the corner of West Dale St. and Walnut. That house, at 517 W. Dale St., behind what used to be the old Bristol Elementary School, is still there. My great-grandfather, Charles, was, among other things, a mechanic. He also drove a trolley car in Colorado Springs. He built a house next door to his father's house, so there were then two family houses on West Dale. Since he was a mechanic, he needed a place to work on the vehicles brought to him, so he built a workshop next to his house. My grandmother was born in Charles' home and grew up there. Later, the workshop was converted into a house and it was into this house that my grandmother and grandfather moved after they got married. My grandfather's family had been dairymen around the Pueblo/Hanover area when he was born in 1899. All three of these family houses are still standing (517, 521, & 523 W. Dale), although they are not still in the family.

For those of you who may have grown up in Colorado Springs, or have been here for a long time, you may remember my grandfather's business. He owned Jay's Bike Shop on Kiowa Street in downtown Colorado Springs. 

As you can see, my family has deep roots here in Colorado Springs. In fact, I've never met anyone whose family has been here longer, though I'm sure there are some. My wife and I still live in the area. We were married here in 1988 and have raised our 6 children here. We go to church here. We do business with other local companies, and we have no plans or desires to ever move. We love it here and we're sure you do, too.




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