What Kind Of Insurance Should Your Roofer Have To Protect You?

Are you, as a homeowner, liable for damage to your property caused by contractors or personal injury to workers on your property?

There are 2 foundational types of insurance that your roofing contractor (or any service vendor for that matter) should have in order to protect you from liability for property damage or medical costs and lawsuits due to injuries to workers on your property.

The first is General Liability insurance. This protects you from liability if a worker on your property breaks or damages something on your property. Let's say your roofer accidentally puts a ladder through your plate glass window on the front of your house. If he isn't insured with general liability insurance, and won't or can't pay for the repairs, you or your insurance company will have to pay for it. In El Paso County, a roofing contractor can't even get a contractor's license without GL insurance.

The second is Workmen's Comp insurance. This protects you in case someone gets injured on your property. Let's say that one of the laborers falls off a ladder and sustains injuries that require an ambulance trip to the hospital and a stay of a few days there. If that laborer doesn't have insurance and the contractor doesn't have workermen's comp insurance, you and/or your insurance company could face the liability of the medical costs, especially if a personal injury lawyer gets involved. Don't be fooled by contractors who say that they have a "liability waiver." That's merely a piece of paper and offers you no protection if you get sued.

Currently, El Paso County only requires a contractor to have general liability insurance if he has no employees. If he has employees he must also have workmen's comp insurance.

So how do so many contractors in El Paso County get away with not having workmen's comp insurance?

In this video, we briefly explain how they get around these requirements.

Welcome to Homestead Roofing's "Walk In The Park" video series where we spend 3 - 4 minutes answering your commonly asked questions about roofing repairs or replacements and the insurance claim process.

This week, we answer your question, "What Kind Of Insurance Should Your Roofer Have To Protect You?"

Take a walk with us for a few minutes and find out how you could be putting yourself at a great risk by hiring a roofer who is not truly fully insured.

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