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If you’re hesitant about filling out online “Contact Us” forms, we totally get it. We’re hesitant about doing that, too. Before you do anything, watch the video above to see exactly what will happen if you fill out this form.

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"Our replacement roof and gutter experience with Homestead Roofing was wonderful. Tracy was thorough, polite, as were his employees, trustworthy, responsive, and fair. He even let me know, if he had had the initial look at the roof, we could have waited, but with the initial inspection from a different roofer the claim had already been filed. Our roof and gutters look great! We would highly recommend Homestead Roofing!"
"It is a great experience working with this company! We never seem to have any issues that are not immediately resolved."
Homestead Roofing is fantastic! You guys did a great job, got it done on time, and cleaned up well after the job. I would give Homestead Roofing a 5-Star rating! The project manager, Steve, was great to work with.
Our project manager, Steve Moon, kept in touch through the process of getting a new roof. He has also gone above and beyond to make a gutter by our step look great!